b2ap3_large_Ludic_Fosway_2020 Ludic strengthens its position as a Core Leader on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning and enters the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. - Ludic Consulting

Ludic's proven strong suite of capability, innovation and rapid growth brings a stronger position as Core Leader on the 2020 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning and recognition on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems.

Ludic with its proprietary Digital Experience Platform SmartLab, enables organisations develop and deliver bespoke, highly personalised learning programmes with transformative results. With a strong Fortune 500 roster of clients, Ludic works with global organisations to co-create effective learning programmes, blended or exclusively digital, that span across the organisations' learning cycles and all geographically dispersed workforces, enabling simultaneous cohorts of learners embarking on their personalised learning journeys.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group commented "There are so many different ways to tackle digital learning today. Ludic focuses on innovative and high impact ways of delivering critical learning programmes with great customer feedback. Also recognised on the Fosway 9-Grid for Learning Systems, Ludic continues to strengthen its position in a very competitive market."

The digital learning market is not only increasing by demand but by scale of delivery, while also being influenced by several global trends and imperatives. Organisations need digital solutions not only to reduce cost and minimise travel, therefore reducing their carbon footprint, but also to provide more engaging and relevant content to the individual experience.

Ludic, uses digital technologies and tools to design and deliver cost and time effective as well as impactful learning experiences, fit around people's new ways of living and working, highly influenced by digital. From consultation to programme and curriculum design, content development, learning experience design, to management and reporting, Ludic delivers award winning solutions. Ludic SmartLab is chosen for its innovative technology, quality of platform, quality of content, easy user interface and global delivery capability. Our clients are global, so our solutions are global. "We understand the requirements of the world we live in and we adapt our services to always respond to the business needs within it. Change has always been with us, humans, and we have always adapted to it. Ludic has been in the forefront of disrupting the current ways of working and learning with new, transformative approaches", said Garrick Jones, Ludic's Founding Partner.

"We're delighted that our position is enhanced in the digital learning space and we are recognised as a Core Leader in the 2020 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning. We continuously invest in our experience platform SmartLab and are proud to be delivering impactful digital solutions at global scale" said Paul Ashcroft, Ludic's Founding Partner.

In the past year, our partner network has significantly expanded and SmartLab is now used also as a platform for empowering other consulting and learning organisations of all sizes to reach a global audience with a common platform, tools and templates.

"Our platform serves as a Learning Experience Platform as well as a Learning Management Platform, enabling the creation and distribution of highly personalised, interactive and media rich learning to cater for the learning consumers' needs. Our experienced team of visionaries, designers and developers continuously advance our sophisticated decision-making, collaboration, engagement and learning platform; and our recognition not only on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning but also on the 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems is a testament to these efforts", said Ludic's Director of Digital, Clemens Hackl.

SmartLab's current feature highlights include impactful coaching and virtual classroom management tools, easy simultaneous delivery of training programmes to different communities within an organisation, live collaboration and decision-making tools, gamification and personalisation to fit the learners' needs and learning styles, achieving effective learning in the flow of work. It also allows to engage global audiences through dynamic virtual workshops that generate powerful data.

Our ambitious plans going forward, focus on AI integration, chat bots, virtual assistants, workflow management, built-in video conference capability and much more.

Whether it is a mindset shift and delivery of multiple cohort waves of capability building programmes, a performance management solution, establishing new, digital and agile ways of working, raising digital awareness or used as a digital tool for strategic alignment and decision-making, SmartLab is an innovative digital platform delivering ground-breaking solutions both in quality and scale of delivery.

Ludic remains committed to the continuous improvement of our solutions, technology and content, staying true to our ambition to enabling people to transform the way they live, work and learn.

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About the Fosway 9-Grid™

Fosway Group is Europe\s #1 HR Industry Analyst. The Fosway 9-Grid™ provides a unique assessment of the principal learning and talent supply options available to organisations in EMEA.

Visit the Fosway website at www.fosway.com for more information on Fosway Group's research and services.

About Ludic

For more information about Ludic visit www.ludicgroup.com

For more information about Ludic's SmartLab platform visit www.smartlabservices.com

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LUDIC_LOGO_BLACK_new Ludic strengthens its position as a Core Leader on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning and enters the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. - Ludic Consulting

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LUDIC_LOGO_BLACK_new Ludic strengthens its position as a Core Leader on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning and enters the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. - Ludic Consulting

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