Future Trends Forum (FTF)

Working with the world's foremost thinkers and policy makers, the Think Tank's focus this time was Commercialization of Space.

"Once you get to Earth orbit, you're halfway to anywhere in the solar system"– Robert Heinlein

Ludic's Decision Apps are developed to support the digital transformation processes that large groups use to solve problems and accelerate change. The apps leverage the SmartLab collaboration tools and support every stage of a decision-making process. These apps supported the Fundacion Innovacion Bankinter's Future Trends Forum in Madrid, enabling the group to develop ideas, synthesise and make decisions better and faster, in a highly engaging and powerful way.

The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation. Made up of more than 400 experts, the FTF anticipates the future by detecting trends in innovation and analysing their impact on our society and business models. Ludic has been supporting FTF since it was founded 13 years ago.

The Future Trends Forum has been recognised among the top Think Tanks globally in Science and Technology by the Global Think Tank Index Report.

The latest meeting aimed to understand and pam the rapidly changing space industry, to develop scenarios for the commercialization of space and to identify opportunities at the national and company level to benefit from the development of the space industry.

Participants explored who will be the important actors in commercial space, how the growth of the space industry will be financed, relating policies and investment opportunities. 

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